Your “Window” of Opportunity in Birmingham

There are different ways to think about your window of opportunity regarding commercial window cleaning. Your window of opportunity includes the opportunity to create an impressive working environment where employees and customers enjoy coming to spend time.

The Window of Opportunity with Your Potential Customers

Not many people think about dirty windows. We get that, but stay with us for a minute.

Over a period of time dirt particles accumulate on exterior surfaces and uneven discolouration will appear often in patterns revealing how rain washes off the surfaces.

When buildings then become unattractive so much so that it negatively impacts customers and staff physiologically or its just unpleasant to the eye. Soon the question arises about replacing a permanently stained window which can be more costly than keeping it maintained in the first place. 

It’s our aim to ensure that your windows and fascias are clean and fresh to showcase your business and create the right impression for your potential and current customers.

Here’s an Idea: We Clean After-Hours

You have the option to have us work around or within your schedule. Each client is different so we work with you to create the best tailored cleaning program, be it on a daily basis, weekly or monthly. At certain times your office may be too busy to have us come in during normal hours, so we offer flexible cleaning programs like after hours cleaning when your staff have packed up and gone home for the day.

Cost Effective Commercial Window Cleaning in Birmingham

If you are in a smaller office and clean the windows yourself, here’s an idea. Inquire about what hiring a commercial window cleaning service can cost. You might be pleasantly surprised.

We may specialise in commercial window cleaning that includes high rise office blocks, yet we also can assist you with your smaller window cleaning needs.

Running around constantly stocking up on cleaning supplies and products, making sure that all those products can safely be used in your environment and then attempting to match the professional standard of a cleaning service is costly and time consuming, not to mention dangerous!

Our cleaning services rates are very reasonable and in most instances much more affordable then attempting to do it yourself.

Make Plans for Your Spring Window Cleaning Soon

Spring will be here in a few months. When everything starts to look new and fresh, you might not be able to see if if your windows are still dirty from all the residue and build up from the rain and winter weather conditions.

When all the new growth of the Spring season begins, we also feel like cleaning our living and working spaces to feel the freshness that comes when something is new.

Give us a call or check us out online to see what some Spring cleaning can do for your windows. We are or call us at 01527 835355. We are happy to hear about your windows and tell you how we can help.