Winter Proofing Your Windows!

It’s that time of year again and Winter is coming thick and fast. For window cleaners, winter can be tough especially with the high chances of frozen pipes, tanks, and of course, windows. It can be a really difficult time to be out cleaning glass, but we’re here to share our expert tips on how you can keep your windows in check this winter, so that you can concentrate on running your business. 



Consistency is key when keeping your windows clean in winter, and by having a regular and reliable window cleaner, like our team at Clifton, can really make a difference. If your windows are cleaned regularly you may find that in those extreme weather conditions and coldest of days your windows will be able to handle that. There will be occasions in winter where your window cleaner may not be able to come to your business premises as planned, due to extreme weather conditions which negate health and safety conditions. However, if your windows are consistently cleaned you will find that your windows can cope with a few weeks of neglect due to their impeccable upkeep all year round.


It’s important for your window cleaners to stay warm. Ensuring they are wearing the right equipment to do the job safely with their health in the best interests is important. Bad weather conditions reveal a whole new area of health and safety issues, that will need to be resolved by wearing the correct PPE and workwear. A good set of well gripped gloves and a hat to help hold your body heat inside are both important pieces of equipment that will help your window cleaner get the job done more efficiently and safely.


Being realistic is important in the grips of winter. If the weather is horrendous, simply lowering expectations is the most realistic way to work in those conditions. That includes, not expecting your window cleaner to work in these extreme conditions. Winter can be a really dangerous time for working conditions and affect the health and safety of people working in outdoor industries. Health and safety is the priority, and ensuring you keep an eye on potential extreme weather conditions is important to ensure that you can schedule a better time for your window cleaner to come. 

Overall, being prepared and organised is key in this industry when it comes to winter. Not only will this ensure you are in control when it comes to unexpected weather condition, it also ensures your window cleaners safety is a priority.