Why We Love Window Cleaning!

Most people’s think of window washing as just a tiresome and time-consuming task, but so much goes into it and the result is entirely dependent on the skills of window cleaners. Imagine hanging from the 100th floor of a skyscraper at a dizzying height nearly a kilometre above ground and still doing a good job of making the windows sparkle. 

That is what we aim for every time we do a commercial window cleaning job.

Challenges Facing A Window Cleaner

Besides the obvious fear of heights and dizziness some people may have, a few other challenges come up. For one the environment down below on the ground is much different from a couple of hundred meters in the air. At such altitudes winds travel at high speed and can be a major hazardous to work and disruptive, the right equipment needs to be secured when going on a job.

Slipping on water or soap is a real threat – the New Yorker reported “in 1932 in New York, an average of one out of every two hundred window cleaners was killed per year.”

Also certain bugs that fly high at such altitudes may be an unwelcome irritant and hazardous distraction for window cleaners.

So Why Do We Do It?

Over a period of time dirt particles accumulate on exterior surfaces and uneven discoloration will appear often in patterns revealing how rain washes off the surfaces. When buildings then become unattractive so much so that it negatively impacts customers and staff physiologically or its just unpleasant to the eye.

This effects the way customers view your business.

It’s our aim to ensure that your windows and fascias are clean and fresh to showcase your business and create the right impression.

We have created and surrounded ourselves with a family of window cleaners that love their jobs and are focused on giving the best service all year round.

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