Which Window Cleaning Method Is Best For Your Business Premises?

There’s no doubt about the importance of keeping your commercial business premises thoroughly cleaned inside and outside. A well kept and hygienic working environment needs to be a high priority essential for your business, so making sure you are on top of the best way to achieve this without eating into too much of your daily business runnings after lockdown, is imperative.

In particular, keeping your windows clean is a highly important part of your commercial cleaning routine and the quality of that clean should be to the highest standards. Not only is it just a general maintenance essential, clean windows are proven to improve the work rate and productivity of employees. Working in an environment with as much natural light as possible should be a priority for all businesses, as the benefits are endless to everybody working in or visiting your commercial premises. 

But, which window cleaning method is right for your business?

We would always recommend that you seek professional assistance when it comes to cleaning your commercial windows, as professionals will be able to give a long lasting, high quality clean whilst using the very best equipment and technique in the business.

We would never recommend our customers to take window cleaning of commercial premises themselves as there are always likely to be health and safety risks that need to be assessed and controlled when cleaning windows of a commercial building. Clifton can clean your windows in a safe and secure way, using the right equipment to ensure we are following the correct guidelines and avoiding injury. 

From cradle cleaning to water fed pole systems, there is much more to commercial cleaning than meets the eye, and using the right platforms to perform those cleans will not only provide a longer lasting and higher quality clean but will ensure that accidents can be avoid to either your employees or damage caused to the building from using the wrong equipment.

Clifton will assess your business needs and priorities for your commercial clean, with full safety checks and a thorough assessment of the exterior of the property to ensure we provide the very best service, and then our expert team will take over and perform their magic.

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