Three Reasons Why You Should Have Your Businesses Windows Cleaned Monthly

Cleanliness is more important than ever for businesses reopening during the tail end of the global pandemic, and as well as interior cleaning being of the highest priority, exterior cleaning should be considered just as important. Regular monthly window cleaning is essential for any business for many reasons and can be achieved with a great contractor with lots of experience, like Clifton. We’re sharing some of the reasons you should have your business windows cleaned monthly.


All businesses value their reputation and will do anything to keep customers happy. Making sure you offering a clean and well looked after customer experience when they visit your business is essential for retaining customers and maintaining a positive reputation amongst your competitors. Kerb appeal is a big deal, so making sure that your windows, gutters and cladding are cleaned monthly will ensure that you are keeping up appearances and attracting customers. 


A build up of dust and grime that your business exteriors can accumulate can be extremely damaging to your windows, gutters and cladding. Regular maintenance and window cleaning will ensure that these areas of your building are well looked after and maintained in top condition. Monthly cleaning will keep repair expenses down and improve the longevity of the buildings exteriors. 


It’s no secret that glass is fragile, but did you know that it is also porous, meaning it will soak up all the dirt, dust and grime that hits it if not well maintained. The porous elements of glass mean that over time, if not well looked after, can cause chips, discolouration and build up that could see the glass window coming away from it’s frame and inevitably smashing or shattering, meaning expensive replacements. Monthly cleaning from professional window cleaners using the very best, high quality equipment will ensure that this doesn’t happening, improving and maintaining the quality of you windows and their longevity.

Common issues for your windows:

  • hard minerals – from sprinkler systems and building run-off;
  • oxidization – from windows encased in metal frames and screens;
  • pollution damage – this is more common than you may think
  • sea spray – salt slowly builds up on the surface of your glass;
  • overspray – accidental paint, chalk, cement particles, etc.

If you are looking for a professional, high quality window cleaning company that can provide flexible, consistent window cleaning services to your business, look no further than Clifton Cleaning Services. We offer a number of exterior building maintenance services, as well as an unrivalled window cleaning service using modern, developed technique and commercial equipment suitable for businesses of any size.