The Most Common Signs Of Blocked Gutters

Something that can be commonly overlooked by business owners managing a commercial premises, is gutter blockages. Blockages in the gutters of your premises can cause irreparable damage and if left for long enough, can become expensive to repair or replace. We are sharing the most common signs of blocked gutters that we commonly see at Clifton Cleaning. 


One way you can spot if your gutters are blocked, is the presence of birds and other wildlife surrounding your premises and sitting inside the gutters. There are likely to be small insects inside your gutters if you have blockages which will attract birds and other animals to nest inside the gutters causing further damage. 


A common result of blocked gutters is overflowing water spilling out. This is one of the most clear indicators that you have a blockage and is extremely easy to spot if you are conscious of it. If you notice this happening, it requires your immediate attention as this could causing leaking into the foundations of your building, again causing damage beyond repair. 


If you can see your gutters visibly sagging, you are likely to have a blockage problem that needs sorting as soon as possible. This is a sign that your gutters have been blocked for a long time, sagging gutters usually occur when the build up inside gutters weigh them down, and as a result cause them to bend and pull away from your home.


Growth of plants and weeds is another clear sign that your gutters are in need of some TLC. Gutters can make for a great place for weeds to thrive if they are blocked up, so keeping an eye out for greenery poking through will help with keeping your gutters in good condition.


Stained brickwork is often overlooked as being caused by a gutter blockage, but is one of the prime examples of a clog. The staining is a sign of water escaping from your gutters and can cause structural damage if it continues to be ignored. 

Clifton Cleaning Services are experts in gutter blockages and our team of experts can clean up your gutters in no time at all. We are available to commercial premises nationwide who need our gutter cleaning services, and we have invested in the most up to date gutter cleaning system available. You can find out more about our services here