The Disadvantages Of Self Clean Windows

Self cleaning windows seem like a hassle free option for busy businesses and buildings, but are they all they are cracked up to be? It’s not hard to understand why business owners may find self cleaning windows appealing but there are many downfalls and things to be considered when purchasing self clean windows. There is no doubt that they are a revolutionary invention that offers a solution to those impossible to reach windows and keeps your windows in neat condition in between professional cleans. Today we are exploring the self cleaning window downsides and analysing whether they are really worth it…


If you’re unfamiliar with how self clean windows work, they are basically the exact same as your standard glass windows however they have a film over the top of them. There are two types of self cleaning windows, hydrophobic, meaning that it repels water hence protecting your clean windows from potential smearing and dirt. The second type is hydrophilic, which attracts water, and spreads around the glass of the window to break down dirt. The problem with both these self cleaning windows that you may find negatively effects your self clean windows, is the fact that the windows are activated by ultraviolet rays from the sun. If your office does not get much sunlight and faces away from the sun, you will find that your self clean windows will find it virtually impossible to do their job. 


Self cleaning windows are around 20% more expensive than standard glazing and with that considered, self cleaning windows could be an extremely costly purchase compared to regular window cleaning from a professional team. You must make sure that the investment is worth it when it comes to whether self cleaning windows is right for your business and the building that you work in. Instead of spending a fortune on self cleaning windows, you may want to consider adding in an extra professional clean of your standard glazing, so that you are getting a bi-weekly clean instead of monthly. You may find that an extra clean every month is sufficient and save yourself thousands of pounds on self cleaning windows. 


Unlike the instant sparkling clean windows that your professional, commercial window cleaners can provide, self cleaning windows act in a constant ‘work in progress’. They will never be fully clean due to the slow process undertaken by the film to break down the dirt and grime, and will never give you the same results that your window cleaner can in an instant. 

Whatever you decide to choose, it is important to work out what will benefit your business and work for you. There is no doubt that self cleaning windows are revolutionary and a great asset to businesses who have the right credentials needed for self cleaning windows to work to their best ability. However, it is also worth considering if just an extra professional clean is enough to ensure your windows are in top condition at all times.