The Difference Between Domestic Cleaning & Commercial Cleaning

Businesses often try to make cut backs on contracted services they believe they can do themselves in house, cleaning being one of those services that has the advantages massively overlooked, unless you have worked with commercial cleaners before. Both domestic and commercial cleaners can keep a space clean, but when it comes to similarities that is as far as it goes. We’re sharing some of the things that can make a big difference to your cleaning experience.


One of the most obvious differences is the type of equipment you will be using as a domestic cleaner vs commercial cleaners. The quality of your cleaning equipment can really make a difference to the finish of your clean and how long the cleanliness can last. If you do your cleaning in house you will be responsible for providing cleaning equipment and topping up cleaning products, contracting commercial cleaners will eliminate that responsibility as they use their own equipment and products.


Something that commercial cleaning companies offer is a team of well trained and experienced cleaners, who will have full health and safety training, and will have needed to completed training of all areas of the job to an accredited standard. If you do your cleaning in house, you can be putting people in danger if they are not trained to do the task at hand and risk injury.

Especially, when it comes to exterior cleaning like gutter, windows and cladding, health and safety should be at the highest priority, and we recommend only using commercial cleaning experts to carry out these tasks.

Our team at Clifton National Window Cleaning are accredited by Safecontractor, Chas and Contractor Plus and also employ external Health and Safety advisors.


The best thing about contracting commercial cleaners is that they offer full flexibility to suit the needs of your business demands. Their working hours can completely depend on your needs, and good companies will offer services at the last minute too. The best times to clean an office, retail unit or factory/warehouse is not usually during working hours, and the job is better handled outside of those to minimise disruption, commercial cleaners can offer that flexibility both at night and during weekends.

Clifton National Window Cleaning are committed to providing a quality service, with our managing director having over 35 years’ experience in the window cleaning industry. If you are looking for a commercial cleaning company to take care of the exteriors of your buisness premises, look no further.