Summer Window Cleaning Tips

The weather is warming up meaning that summer is well on its way, so what does that mean for your window cleaning? Everybody wants sparkling windows when the sun is shining, but knowing when and how to clean your windows can make a big difference when you want to let the sun shine in. We have some great tips for window cleaning during the summer months.

Clean When It’s Cloudy

You would think that a sunny day would be a good time to get outside and clean your windows, however, this is actually the worst time to get good results for your windows. Extremely sunny days will see all your hard work go to pot, as your windows will dry too quickly causing smears and marks all over your windows. Waiting for an overcast or cloudier day to tackle your dirty windows is essential for the best finish and your efforts to not be wasted. 

Using The Right Tools

Window cleaning is all about using the right tools, and the better equipped you are, the better the results will be. Using an old sponge or cloth from under the sink will only add to the dirt already on your windows, using clean and fresh equipment is essential. Whilst a clean sponge and soapy water will give you a cleaner window, the finish will be mediocre, investing in the right tools and high quality equipment will enhance the quality of your clean. 

Method & Technique

It’s one thing having the right tools, but it is also important to have good method and technique when cleaning your windows to avoid smearing and marks.

Here are a few basics to work with: 

  • Start from the top and work down.
  • Use the squeegee at the right angle – hold it at a right angle otherwise you will end up with water pouring out from both ends.
  • Remember to wipe the blade to eliminate blade marks on the pane caused by wet squeegees.
  • Overlap your strokes – you know you won’t have missed any part of the glass.
  • Always finish with a wipe down after you have cleaned the windows, wiping the corners, edges and the window sills.

Call In The Professionals

If you don’t have the time or feel your efforts aren’t leaving the best results on your windows, it’s time to call in the professionals. Professional window cleaners will always achieve the best results due to their experience and their use of high quality professional equipment. Commercial premises will benefit from professional window cleaners the most, as they can clean harder to reach places safely, and provide a long lasting clean that increases curb appeal.