Safety Essentials For Commercial Window Cleaners

Commercial window cleaning can entail dizzying heights and hard to reach areas. Following Health & Safety protocol is essential for the safety of any window cleaner, it can be a dangerous job that could lead to fatality if all aspects of safety have not been considered and correctly dealt with.

Maintaining a safe working environment can be anything from equipment to planning your routes to clean at heights or unstable terrain. Carrying out risk assessments and carefully strategising the safest ways to reach the windows is imperative to getting the job in the most safe and efficient way possible.


Working at heights is nothing new for commercial cleaners and if possible, should be avoided when it is practical to do so. Using an existing workplace like a balcony or an area where you can clean the windows from the inside, out is more favourable than taking to unnecessary, insecure heights. If there is no existing safe place to work you must have the correct equipment to carry out the cleaning from a height. Working with your client to develop a coordinated approach when working at a height is essential for the safety of both you and the clients employees. 


There is a multitude of equipment required when you are a commercial window cleaning due to the variations of projects, structures and buildings. It is important to have excellent knowledge and control of the equipment you could potentially need to use, especially the equipment that requires you to work at a height. It goes without saying that using any equipment that you are reliant on for keeping you safe whilst carrying out a job, should come with training and only when you are confident with your competence in using the equipment should you use it. Gantries, travelling ladders, suspended/facade access equipment and rope access equipment ALL require extensive training and should only be operated by experienced operators. 


Working in adverse weather conditions such as wind, heavy rain and snow is a big safety no for commercial window cleaners. Your safety in such conditions are seriously compromised and can cause your equipment to fall or sustain damage. 

Location & Terrain

A huge part of commercial window cleaning is working in close proximity to pedestrian areas so it is important to be clued up on your responsibilities to maintain a safe environment for yourself and the general public. Considering a suitable time frame to work inside to minimalise contact with pedestrians. The terrain surrounding the building is also an important factor to making sure you are prioritising your safety, a full assessment of the ground’s ability to hold your equipment is essential. 

There are many factors to the health and safety of window cleaners that can be overlooked. Commercial window cleaning can be a dangerous task that can cause serious injury or fatality should it not be carried out correctly. Only well trained, competent window cleaners should operate the equipment and carry out commercial projects.