Lockdown 3: What Does It Mean For Commercial Window Cleaners?

 As the UK has been plunged into the third and hopefully, the final, lockdown it has many left wondering whether they are still permitted to go to work, or if they should be furloughed/working from home. For commercial window cleaners, obviously, working from home is not an option, so where does this leave the window cleaning industry during the lockdown?

Professional window cleaners are still permitted to leave home for work, as they are unable to work effectively from home. Although window cleaners are not classed as key workers, they do remain on the exceptions list currently, which means professional window cleaners can proceed to do their job whilst being cautious and responsible in line with the government guidelines.

The government remain adamant that it is imperative that employers take full responsibility and exercise the right measures to ensure that every single employee is compliant and conscious of the health and safety guidelines set out to protect the health of themselves and their customers during the pandemic.

The use of PPE is highly recommended, and if you are experiencing any symptoms before, during or after a working day, you should order a test, stay at home and follow the government guidelines until you are either tested negative or positive, of which there are further rules to follow as a matter of the consequence of your test results. 

Working in smaller teams, avoiding unnecessary contact with customers and wearing PPE throughout projects are all ways that you can reduce the spread of coronavirus and protect yourself and your co-workers during the second wave of the pandemic. It is important to be considerate, conscious and careful about how you work during these difficult times and take measures using common sense throughout your working day. 

With commercial window cleaning continuing throughout lockdown, this could be a great opportunity for retailers, offices and other businesses closed down due to lockdown, to get their business front ready for footfall when they open up again. It is a good opportunity to have a team like Clifton take care of your exterior maintenance, including gutter and cladding cleaning.