Ladder Essentials For Professional Window Cleaners

Other than the squeegee, a professional window cleaners ladder is his most useful and necessary tool. It seems like it’s pretty easy to climb up a ladder and wash a window, however if you are a window cleaner by trade, you will know that when it comes to ladders it is certainly not one size fits all. In this post we will be looking at the different types of ladders professional window cleaners will need to get the job done efficiently and to the best of their ability.


In every window cleaners inventory there should be a folding step ladder, not the most complex of equipment, but important in its own right. Most professionals will have a 6 and 10 step ladder for those smaller jobs like shopfronts, for example. We recommend aluminium as it is lighter and more agile when carrying around. 


Extension ladders are a more advanced tool in the professional window cleaners inventory and require more awareness in the health & safety department due to the height that they cover. Fibreglass, and aluminium are the recommended, featuring swivel feet and rope/pulley system as critical essentials. 

Fibreglass ladders are highly recommended for work around electricity, and are much safer than your aluminium because they do not conduct electricity. You will notice that fibreglass ladders are slightly more expensive than aluminium due to their advantages but are an investment in your own and your coworkers safety.

You should analyse your clientele and potential clients to establish what size extension ladder you will need, but generally in commercial window cleaning anything over 30 foot is ideal, however we recommend rope access on anything over 40 foot, it’s just a lot easier. 


Sectional ladders are another essential ladder to professional and commercial window cleaners, simply because they are specially designed for window cleaning. The triangle end is designed to make hard to reach or hard to fit areas no longer an issue. As the ladders name sake suggests the sectional ladder comes in sections, which lock together for complete adjust-ability as you desire. We recommend a 4-5 section ladder, anything over that amount starts to become unsafe.