How To Stay Covid Safe As A Window Cleaner After Lockdown

Window cleaners have been classed as essential workers during the past year of the global pandemic, so staying safe whilst working has never been more relevant and important, as window cleaners continue to work in risky conditions, as if cleaning windows whilst abseiling down the side of a building wasn’t risky enough.

We are sharing some ways that you can make sure you staying covid safe during the pandemic, and as lockdown begins to ease. 


One of the easiest ways to protect you and your team from coronavirus transmission is by wearing PPE, there are so many options of PPE available, but the easiest way to protect yourself is by wearing a mask, and this should be mandatory amongst your co-workers. It is important that we make sure we are maintaining a moral responsibility to protect ourselves as well as those around us from the virus. 


Cleaning your equipment has never been more important and should become a much regular task whilst we tackle coronavirus. Maintaining a high level of disinfecting and creating new habits when it comes to hygiene is incredibly important. Coronavirus can easily be transmitted through surfaces, and lives longer outside of the body more than many other viruses. 


Social distancing has become the new normal and should be reflected into the workplace where it can be. Many commercial window cleaners don’t work independently which makes it more difficult to achieve distancing, but again should be carried out where possible. As lockdown is easing you my come into closer contact with customers and employees at the premises you are cleaning, you should do your best to distance yourself as much as possible and limit unnecessary contact.

Making sure all payments and invoices are sent digitally, not handled onsite and reassuring your customers that you are taking steps to make sure you provide a covid safe service is essential. 

Clifton are passionate about exercising outstanding health and safety, with coronavirus guidelines followed by our entire team for the reassurance and safety of each other and our customers. If you have any worries or questions about our services during lockdown, the pandemic and beyond, get in touch.