Four Reasons Why Window Cleaning Is So Important

The benefits of commercial window cleanings can be overlooked by businesses with tight budgets, not seen as a necessity whilst in fact it can really make a difference to the maintenance of the exteriors of your building. Having your windows cleaned could save you thousands in window replacements that are needed due to neglect.

Here are our four reasons why window cleaning is so important…

Maintaining Your Window Glass Structure

You may be surprised to hear that glass is porous, but it is and it collects and holds onto dirt very easily. Dirt that is left in glass can cause long term negative effects including irreparable damage that will leave your windows needing to be completely replaced. 

Alongside, pollutants are a common cause of window glass deterioration, so if you’re in a city you are likely to see the negative effects and an increased rate. 

Pollutants you can expect to cause damage include:

  • Hard Minerals
  • Oxidisation
  • Acid Rain
  • Salt and Grit
  • Overspray

Appearance Has An Effect On Business

The impact the cleanliness of your windows can have on the appearance of your business and the first impression it can give clients and customers is again, often overlooked. Cleanliness represents the effort and consideration you have for those who use or work in your facilities and will be subconsciously appreciated by those who visit your business.

Clean Windows Boost Morale and Productivity 

It is a little known fact that cleaner windows, with a clearer view, offering as much natural light as possible can boost productivity, positivity and morale in the work place. Natural light is the leading positivity booster and is encouraged to see better working performances from employees. Window cleaning plays a vital part in this, and using a regular contractor can be beneficial to your building and your employees.

Efficiency In Warming Up Your Building

If your windows are dirty they are unlucky to push enough sunlight into your building, which means that the warmth of the sun rays trying to strike through your grime covered windows cannot reach and help with efficient heating in your office. Cleaning your windows regularly will allow sunlight to help with warming up your office and in turn, keep the energy bills down and promote an environmentally friendly way to heat your building.

Clifton Cleaning Services can help you with your regular window cleaning needs, as well as offering one off window cleans that will help you to keep your windows in the best condition possible.