Commercial Window Cleaning In Winter

Now that winter is here, it’s important to take care of your building and your maintenance needs to be right, there’s a misconception that you can leave your windows, cladding and gutters over the winter, this can be the most vulnerable time of year for your building exterior.

The false assumption that professional window cleaning is only seasonal will have businesses neglecting their commercial premises, it is important to maintain your routine if you contract commercial window cleaners.

Why should you clean your windows in winter?

  • Maintaining an aesthetic is important for businesses who welcome customers and clients, during winter the weather can make windows much dirtier, much faster, so keeping on top of the cleaning is essential to impress clients and give the right first impressions to people approaching your business.
  • Darkness and grime can also be detrimental to employees and reduce productivity, keeping your windows cleaned over the winter season is essential to protect the wellbeing and productivity levels of your team.
  • To avoid a build-up of pollutants, dirt or grime, that can have adverse effects on glass and window mechanisms, which over time will increase the frequency of maintenance and can lead to expensive replacements. Investment into winter window cleaning will be an investment into your windows and build structure, bringing operational costs down in the long run.

Can windows be cleaned in winter weather conditions?

  • Window cleaning can still take place when it’s raining, and it can be more necessary to clean windows in the rain as we move further into winter. Rain falls vertically, and for this reason it cannot be relied upon to provide a thorough clean for your windows.  The problem with leaving your windows in rainfall is that if they have not been cleaned regularly, rainfall can causes deeper long term issues if the windows are not attended to, as it will cause limescale and dirt to wash down from the frames, leaving spotting and streaking on the glass.
  • Bad storms and windy weather conditions are common in the winter in the UK, and this can effect your ability to clean your windows if you are doing them yourself. It is important to hire a professional team using top of the range equipment to get the best clean available in adverse weather conditions, especially windy conditions where you can make yourself unsafe by not running the right healthy and safety checks or risk assessments before you clean in bad weather.
  • Incredibly freezing temperatures are the only weather conditions we wouldn’t recommend cleaning your windows in, as the water you clean with could freeze and cause damage to the frame or glass, it would always be better to reschedule in these cases.

If you’re looking for a professional window cleaner to take care of not only your windows, but your cladding and gutters too, this winter too.

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