Commercial Cleaners Must Have Training & Qualifications

In any industry the more experience, knowledge and qualifications you have, the more likely you are going to secure business. Cleaning contracts and one off jobs are not hard to come by but in a competitive market where there are many window cleaners trying to generate ongoing business, there are basic requirements that make some companies  stand out from the crowd.

So it is imperative when operating in the commercial cleaning industry, there are certain accreditations, qualifications and experience you needed before a company will be taken seriously.

Why it matters…

Window Cleaning can be dangerous. Anybody that oversees the window cleaning services must recognise and identify the risks associated with window cleaning and ensure that the safety of operatives, employees, customers and the general public is of paramount importance. This is called making a risk assessment. These risks can include; slips and trips from trailing hoses, falls from working at height and the use of chemicals.

There is a legal obligation. Health and Safety regulations are in place so that the responsibility of compliance on both the service provider and the person overseeing window cleaning services is correctly undertaken.

What Training and Qualifications Should Window Cleaners Have?

Just like any other profession, there are a huge selection of training providers. With no regulatory body to determine the suitability, level and relevance of such training many window cleaners start a business offering services with no training or qualifications.

However, it is recommended to take several of the following courses and qualifications to ensure being in a knowledgeable and safe position. 

  • Use Of Water Fed Poles
  • Health & Safety Course
  • First Aid Course
  • Working at Height including Abseiling and Mobile Platforms Training
  • CSCS (Certification Scheme for the Construction Industry)


Although this doesn’t require taking a course or gaining a qualification. It is very important to ensure that you have high quality Public Liability Insurance and the cover is adequate for the methodology of work being carried out. Expiry dates, exceptions to training and restrictions of working at height need to be addressed prior to working with clients. 

There is a plethora of ways to gain qualifications, experience and accreditations in commercial window cleaning and all of them are an investment into the business as staff develop  knowledge and experience. Those who take the time to train and gain experience properly tend to have further longevity in their business and actually get taken more serious as a professional business, consequently gaining more work.