Commercial cleaning checklist for Spring

Spring is just around the corner and it is one of the best times of year to get organised ready for the year ahead with cleaning a huge priority for many businesses.

In a commercial set up this is the perfect time to get the most high traffic areas of your business cleaned inside and out to ensure you are prepared for the rest of the year and the warmer months ahead of us.

For many businesses, it is common that the usual high expectations of upkeep we see in the Spring and Summer months can be neglected in the much colder months when the environment around us is less appealing and aesthetically pleasing.

With that being said, we’re sharing our commercial cleaning checklist for Spring.


Having your windows professionally cleaned ahead of the lighter months is important for so many reasons.

Not only does a professional window clean provide long-lasting sparking results that are aesthetically pleasing but has huge benefits to the employees working for your business who will experience improved motivation, well-being and productivity from the amount of natural light they will be exposed to if the windows are clean and well-maintained.

It also allows your professional window cleaners the opportunity to do a full health check on your windows and frames to ensure they haven’t been damaged over the colder months and suffered any wear and tear as a result of adverse weather conditions that could compromise safety and cost your business a fortune to replace.


Gutter cleaning in the Spring is one of the most overlooked but essential professional cleaning tasks that needs to be undertaken.

Having your gutters completely cleared of debris and growth that has accumulated over the colder months and poor weather conditions is absolutely imperative to the health of your building and in the warmer months can become a huge problem if not done.

The increased sunlight and warmer conditions is an absolute dream for weeds to thrive and grow at a rapid rate which could leave your gutters in an extremely vulnerable state if not taken care enough soon.

Not only will your gutters become clogged but could cause severe damage to your building and the foundations if clogged gutters are not cleared which can be an extremely expensive issue to fix.


Just like windows, having your cladding professionally cleaned presents a much cleaner and aesthetically pleasing display of your business when employees, customers and clients approach the building.

During the winter months your cladding can take a battering and develop growth in particular areas which can cause damage to the aesthetics of your cladding and cause expensive repairs, so ensuring that you acquire a professional team to complete a full clean of your cladding ahead of the warmer months is really important to keep it in top condition.

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