Clifton Cleaning Services – Commercial Window Cleaners in Birmingham

What we do in commercial window cleaning is more than just a job to us – It’s a service and a passion.  

We are the behind the scenes company that always keeps you clean and tidy while you focus on running your business. We make sure that your image is never stained with a spec of dirt. We are based in Birmingham. 

Our employees go through a training program that installs in them the passion to complete all tasks at the highest standard possible and the desire to always surpass expectations in the most professional ways possible. 

Commercial Window Cleaners – High Rise Specialists

We specialise in commercial window cleaning including high rise office blocks. We use a combination of hydraulic lifts, rope systems and water fed pole sytems to complete your jobs to the highest standard. 

Tailored Services for Your Window Cleaning Needs

You have the option to have us work around or within your schedule. Each client is different so we work with you to create the best tailored cleaning program, be it on a daily basis, weekly or monthly. At certain times your office may be too busy to have us come in during normal hours, so we offer flexible cleaning programs like after hours cleaning when your staff have packed up and gone home for the day.

Cost Effective Commercial Window Cleaning

Running around constantly stocking up on cleaning supplies and products, making sure that all those products can safely be used in your environment and then attempting to match the professional standard of a cleaning service is costly and time consuming, not to mention dangerous!

Our cleaning services rates are very reasonable and in most instances much more affordable then attempting to do it yourself.

We Care About Health and Safety!

Our brilliant Health and Safety record is due to the fact that we maintain an awareness of our surroundings constantly to ensure that our clients can go about their daily routines with little disturbance from us. We invest in our Health and Safety training just as much as we invest in every other aspect in our operations, because it is the key to us being the most efficient in the industry.

We are pleased to serve you as the commercial window cleaners for Birmingham and the surrounding area.

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