Cleaning Windows In Winter? Clifton’s Top Tips!

Winter is here, it’s cold, dark and wet outside, whilst most of us stick to staying inside, window cleaners spend all of Winter outside. 

We have been working as professional, commercial window cleaners for many years and we have seen many Winters here at Clifton. We have some top tips for handling the cold weather as a window cleaner. 

Take Good Care Of Your Equipment…

When water freezes to ice, it expands and as a consequence, it can crack or break anything a window cleaner has filled with water. Keeping an eye on expected freezing temperatures is essential for preparing your equipment for the event of freezing and avoiding damage. 

Prevention is the best cure so bring any wet gear into the warmth of your house or some other place that is protected from the cold.  If you have a trolley system or backpack in a van left outside then bring those in too.

Install A Heating System…

Most window cleaners install a heating system in their vans, with a huge range of availability for your needs over the colder months. Oil filled radiators are then most popular choice because they more often have a thermostat and can be left on a low setting overnight. Some are electric and you therefore would need to run a power cable to an electricity source.

Avoid Water Freezing When You’re Working…

One of the most common problems in the winter months when temperatures are well below average, water can freeze on windows or in pipes, which can be a huge issue depending on the scale of your project.

If you are using water fed pole systems, in most cases the water is left to dry on the window, meaning there is a good chance of the water freezing. During the winter months you may find adapting your methods, or going for more traditional methods to ensure that windows are left dry and freezing doesn’t occur. 

Dress Appropriately…

Dressing appropriately will make sure you are safe and sound whilst out battling the winter temperatures as a professional window cleaner. Investing high quality work wear will save you from having to take time off work and enable you to do your job to the best of your abilities.

Using decent boots that are waterproof and well made for safety, as well as a hat to prevent loss in heat from your body, are two essentials to start with.