Four reasons to have your cladding regularly cleaned

There are many reasons why should be implementing a regular cladding cleaning routine for your business. 

Building managers, letting agents and facilities managers will know all to well how important keeping the outside of a building is to their business image.

Commercial cladding cleaning offers a number of benefits and is essential for many businesses if they want to keep the exteriors of their commercial premises clean, and there is no one size fits all when it comes to cleaning cladding correctly as the methods and equipment used varies based on the type of cladding the building is wrapped in.

We’re sharing three reasons why you must get your commercial building’s cladding cleaned on a regular basis.


A professional cladding cleaning service carried out by a team of experts like Clifton will ensure that dirt, grime and stains are removed on a regular basis so that your cladding can remain looking as good as new for as long as possible.

Neglecting to make the preventative maintenance needed will wear the cosmetics and leave marks, stains and other aesthetic damage that will make your cladding look less than perfect no matter what.


Is there anything worse than pulling up to a business, office or manufacturing facility that looks filthy on the outside?

Having surroundings to your business and brand that are unkept and unclean will give the ultimate bad first impression of a business and will reflect badly on your brand, giving a negative impression of how you run your business if you work in a dirty environment.

On the other hand, if you execute regular cleaning measures to the exterior of your building keeping it tidy and clean you will give a great first impression and it really can enhance the way your customers and clients view your business on the inside if your business is sparkling on the outside.


Without preventative care and a regular professional cleaning routine the longevity of your cladding will decrease massively and aesthetic damage is the least of your worries.

Grime and dirt can cause corrosion and damage to your cladding that can in turn make your build dangerous as wear can cause cladding in extreme circumstances to fall away from your building overtime, and if serious damage from neglected cladding does occur the time and expense of repairing or replacing your cladding can be an absolute nightmare.

By employing a team of professionals to take care of your cladding you will be investing in the longevity of your cladding and saving yourself a lot of money and disruption that damaged cladding can cause your business.

Clifton Cleaning Services have many years of experience in cleaning of all types of cladding in retail, commercial and industrial situations.

Our cladding cleaning service for commercial buildings thoroughly cleans and restores the exterior of your building maintaining a smart and professional image for your business premises.