Caring for Self-Cleaning Glass

Self cleaning glass has been made by glass manufacturers for a good few years, and now that its popularity and availability has boomed across the world, many people have opted to have this kind of window installed in order to ensure that they are minimising their maintenance/operating budgets in future years.

The installation and use of these new technologies has been experimented with by various builders for a number of different reasons.

They are still going to require maintenance and to be cleaned. These windows must be cared for in a delicate manner across the lifespan of the window, otherwise it could result in damage to the window that’s beyond repair and it will also lead to a voided warranty.

What Is Self Cleaning Glass?
Seeing as a range of different formulas are used by different glass makers, an answer to this question is only able to be given by the actual manufacturer. However, the general answer would be that it is a mixture and the key ingredient is titanium oxide, which is applied to pane one, side one (the window’s side that’s facing your building’s exterior).

How To Properly Maintain and Clean Self Cleaning Glass

  • Don’t use squeegees
  • Do not use any form of abrasive (even a sponge that’s able to be used on glass)
  • Do not use soap that’s dyed
  • It’s highly recommended that you use a purified water cleaning system

If you’re a building or facilities manager, make sure that you’ve told your window cleaner that this kind of window is present prior to any estimate being made or the start of any work. This will ensure that your windows are kept in top-notch condition.

Identifying the Glass
There aren’t currently any markings or identifying stamps on the glass that would give any indication that it is a self cleaning panel. However, after a self cleaning window has been newly purchased or delivered, it will include identifying stickers, usually with a holographic image. It is essential that the person cleaning the window is told that it’s self cleaning, otherwise there is a chance they could end up damaging it. After the coating has been damaged, there’s no way to repair the window.