Autumn Commercial Cleaning Checklist

Autumn is here, and winter is creeping up, both seasons can have adverse effects on the exterior of your commercial premises if you don’t take care of it properly. There are many things you will need to attend to and check over during these months when the weather can deteriorate cosmetics and exterior functionality rapidly.

Clearing Out & Fixing Up Gutters

Gutters take on a lot of pressure during the autumn and winter months, and are likely to get clogged, causing irreparable damage to your building long term. It would be worthwhile to go around your building and check there are no clogs or damages to your gutter system, and if there is any wear, we strongly recommend repairing. Clogging is common in the months leading up to winter, so paying close attention to your gutters will save you a lot of money replacing them should you neglect to clean them out.

Cleaning Up Your Cladding

Cladding can take a real hit during the colder months, and will deteriorate very fast if not given the attention it needs. Having regular maintenance on your cladding is something we would always recommend, but also it is important to pay extra close attention to any wear or deterioration during autumn and winter. Repairing damage and replacing cladding where needed can ensure a small problem doesn’t become more widespread and more expensive to fix in the Spring. 

Work On Your Windows

Window cleaning is something that you should be consistently doing every 4 weeks, even during the autumn and winter months, but the exterior surroundings of your windows are what you need to be focusing on in the colder months. Making sure that all window sealing and panes are in a fit state and good condition to protect the glass during adverse and unpredictable weather conditions is essential. 

Clifton Cleaning services offer a full range of services to make sure your commercial premises exterior is in tip top condition for the autumn and winter months. With many years of experience we could save you a fortune in repairs that could be imminent in the Spring if you neglect your cladding, gutters and windows during this time. We can also identify areas of your building that need a closer look at whether that be in repairs or replacement.