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The Daredevils of the Window Cleaning Industry

Window cleaning may not sound like a challenging job, but the men and women that get up every morning to clean skyscrapers are a different kind of daredevil…

Here are some of the toughest challenges commercial window cleaners have faced:

Cleaning the tallest building in the world

The Burj Khalifa, in the UAE is still the world’s highest building at 829.8m tall almost 300m taller than the second highest building in the world, the One World Trade Centre in NYC, at 550m.

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Why Clean Office Windows Are Important

Office windows – They are a portal to the outside world.

The views seen through windows affect people’s moods.

Take it a step further.

Looking through a dirty window versus a clean window can negatively affect people’s moods. The appearance of a building (and in this case its windows) communicates something about the people who occupy or own the building.

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Interesting Facts About Commercial Window Cleaning

Commercial Window cleaning – Not only is it hard work, but it can be down right dangerous.

The techniques used today are more modern than those of yesteryear, but there are still risks. Take a closer look as commercial window cleaners reveal the ups and downs (pun intended), as well as the adventures of the business.

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The Cleaning Show

The Cleaning Show is being held at Excel, London in March and is aimed at anyone who is responsible for an organisations cleaning, facilities management or hygiene.

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Why use a professional commercial window cleaning service?

Commercial window cleaning may not be something that most people who manage office buildings think much about – but it’s something that’s crucial to keeping those buildings looking great. A building that’s been professionally cleaned will leave a good impression, so regular, expert cleaning services are an essential.

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Caring for Self-Cleaning Glass

Self cleaning glass has been made by glass manufacturers for a good few years, and now that its popularity and availability has boomed across the world, many people have opted to have this kind of window installed in order to ensure that they are minimising their maintenance/operating budgets in future years.

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