Key considerations for commercial window cleaning

Commercial buildings are typically used by many people on a daily basis, as they are in the heart of urban areas.

As a result, these locations tend to accumulate dirt and grime on their windows due to constant exposure to external elements.

This build-up of dirt and grime can impair the view from inside, as well as compromising the aesthetic appeal of the building.

In order to improve the aesthetics of a commercial building and ensure a clear view from inside, it is crucial for property owners to have their windows cleaned on a regular basis.

Rope Access Window Cleaning

In some cases, property owners may prefer a more hands-on approach when it comes to window cleaning. In these instances, it is important for property owners to look into the benefits of rope access window cleaning.

With the use of a rope access equipment, it would be possible for professionals to reach the interior of the building with no difficulty. Commercial buildings often have limited access points, especially those located on upper floors which are not well-suited for rope access equipment.

Planning For An Abseiling Clean

With the use of rope access equipment and the help of rope access specialists, it would be possible for property owners to ensure that their windows undergo thorough cleaning. For example, one good way for these professionals to get started is by using an abseil to start the cleaning process.

Access to the windows can then be gained from the window sill or a lower level, but is not always easy and can sometimes require a lot of effort.

It is important for existing structures to have openings that would allow access to the desired windows, in instances where there are no such openings, professionals may have to demolish parts of the existing structure in order to gain access.

Rope Access Window Cleaning: Training And Accreditations

Similar to any other profession, rope access window cleaning requires the individuals involved to be properly trained and accredited in this field.

In order for a professional to meet the required standards, he or she must possess an accredited qualification and obtain industry recognition.

With regards to rope access training, it is important for property owners to look into the different options available for training and accreditation. These are often provided by industry-based organisations.

Cherry Picker Window Cleaning

While it is possible for professionals to use an abseil method to gain access to the interior of a building, there are instances when the use of cherry pickers also proves useful. These are often used for the cleaning of high windows above, as well as their associated roofs.

As a result, this type of equipment can be used in order to reach the farthest points from the window sill.

Water-Fed Pole Window Cleaning

Water fed pole window cleaning is one of the most recent innovations in window cleaning and some window cleaners have completely changed their operation as a result.

The wet brush is designed to loosen all the dirt and debris from the window using only the water. The water breaks the seal between the dirt and the window so that it can easily be brushed away and then rinsed off with the purified water.

Water-Fed Pole Window Cleaning Considerations

In order to ensure the safety of both the building and its occupants, it is vital for property owners to ensure that these professionals are trained in this craft. For example, it is important for property owners to look into their accreditations and qualifications.

Cradle Window Cleaning

Cradle window cleaning is a process where professionals are sent on top of buildings with no support. It entails a cradle, which they use to stabilise themselves as they clean windows with water-fed poles.

Planning For A Cradle Clean

It is important for property owners to understand that with the use of cradle window cleaning it is possible to reach large areas, as a result, it may prove beneficial for them to have their windows cleaned in groups.