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Which Window Cleaning Method Is Best For Your Business Premises?

There’s no doubt about the importance of keeping your commercial business premises thoroughly cleaned inside and outside. A well kept and hygienic working environment needs to be a high priority essential for your business, so making sure you are on top of the best way to achieve this without eating into too much of your daily business runnings after lockdown, is imperative.

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How To Stay Covid Safe As A Window Cleaner After Lockdown

Window cleaners have been classed as essential workers during the past year of the global pandemic, so staying safe whilst working has never been more relevant and important, as window cleaners continue to work in risky conditions, as if cleaning windows whilst abseiling down the side of a building wasn’t risky enough.

We are sharing some ways that you can make sure you staying covid safe during the pandemic, and as lockdown begins to ease. 

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Preparing Your Business For Reopening After Lockdown

The government has finally given us a clearer idea of when we can expect to return to normal life, which means the reopening of business, including offices going back to work for the first time in almost a year. Clifton Cleaning has been helping businesses maintain their commercial premises over lockdown, and we are now offering our services to help you bounce back when business reopens in the weeks and months ahead.

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Lockdown 3: What Does It Mean For Commercial Window Cleaners?

 As the UK has been plunged into the third and hopefully, the final, lockdown it has many left wondering whether they are still permitted to go to work, or if they should be furloughed/working from home. For commercial window cleaners, obviously, working from home is not an option, so where does this leave the window cleaning industry during the lockdown?

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The Techniques Of A Professional Window Cleaner

When it comes to commercial window cleaning, it takes a bit more than just a bucket and sponge to get the job done right. There are many ways to reach the heights of tall buildings and get into those hard to reach places that can’t be cleaned without specialist equipment. We’re looking at a few of the techniques and equipment in which commercial window cleaners use to get the job done.

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Autumn Commercial Cleaning Checklist

Autumn is here, and winter is creeping up, both seasons can have adverse effects on the exterior of your commercial premises if you don’t take care of it properly. There are many things you will need to attend to and check over during these months when the weather can deteriorate cosmetics and exterior functionality rapidly.

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