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Why Commercial City Windows Need Cleaning More Often.

Commercial window cleaners in big cities like London, Birmingham and Manchester understand the serious demand for window cleaning, and how it has only become an increasing demand for the industry. Commercial window cleaners thrive in big cities simply because city windows need cleaning more often. But, why do they get dirtier faster? Clifton has three reasons why commercial city windows need cleaning more often.


Cities are susceptible to much higher levels of traffic, which in turn releases higher pollutants in the air, as well as dust and dirt, all of which will cling to your city windows. 

Construction & Roadworks

Again, dirt and dust will cling to windows where construction and road works are more prominent, like they are in big cities. 


Shockingly the amount of pigeons in cities makes a huge difference to your commercial city windows and their impact means that again, you have to clean the windows much more often.

Ironically the areas of cities that are most likely to experience higher levels of pollution, pigeons and construction usually are the places where the big, glass skyscrapers are built. A dream for commercial window cleaners, a nightmare for businesses in the big cities, when it comes to getting them cleaned often. 

Whether your business is in a big skyscraper, a retail outlet or a restaurant, being in big cities with high populations, you will very likely be experiencing high footfall. It is of course, important to leave a great impression to your customers and clients, which is why keeping your windows commercial clean in the city is of paramount importance.

It’s not just passers by who will appreciate cleaner windows, but it has been proven that employees are happier, healthier and more motivated when they work in a clean, presentable environment. Productivity thrives in people when they are offered an excellent level of natural light.

We recommend that big city businesses contract a commercial cleaning company like Clifton, to take thorough care of their windows and get outstanding quality window cleaning every single time. Clifton are reliable and offer the most up to date methods in keeping your windows cleaner for long. There is no job too big or small for the Clifton team and we are trained in working at the dizzying heights of skyscrapers, using the very best equipment. 

Dangerous Work: Cradle VS Rope Access Window Cleaning

Cleaning windows seems like a fairly easy venture right?! Wrong. If you are a window cleaner in the commercial industry you will be aware of the dangers and risks you are putting yourself through working at great heights.

You completely depend on your life with the equipment you use. Making sure equipment is installed correctly, as well as maintaining the quality of what is supporting you, is a life or death situation. Window cleaning is one of the most unexpected dangerous jobs, but can cause fatality if not carried out with experience, knowledge and professionalism.

How dangerous can it be?

Buildings have been getting taller and taller over the last half a century. A lot of modern building are made with glass, and a lot of windows to go with them too, meaning the demand for commercial window cleaning has risen. In the early days of high rise buildings, commercial window cleaners used rope access exclusively, but not with the advanced development and safety precautions we have today.

Access has developed over the years and finding safer ways to clean windows of tall buildings has continued to be a priority. Such risky environments have led to several different access options over the years, and now there are a few ways utilised, but none more so than the cradle access and rope access.

Rope Access

Rope Access is the closest you can get to the office desk on the 28th floor. Yes dangling at 100 feet in the air from a rope is not for the faint heart, but is an everyday occurrence for a commercial window cleaner. Rope access is a non stop workout for a window cleaner and it takes a lot of strength and experience to perfect it. Many commercial window cleaners use rope access because of the benefits to getting as close as you possible can to your project and ensuring the job is done with complete precision. 

Window Cleaning Cradle

Another fantastic method for commercial window cleaning at dizzying heights, is in a cradle. The cradle is basically a platform that is suspended on a crane. The platform is usually large enough for multiple professionals to work from, which is why this method is a popular choice. A job shared, is a job halved. The level of the cradle can be adjusted manually and automatically which can make the cleaning process flow with ease. Anybody operating or using cradle access with have to be certificated, possessing the right knowledge and suitable experience to use this dangerous method.

Choosing either method of commercial window cleaning is completely down to what the professional finds easier and more comfortable using when it comes to their own health and safety. Both are extremely dangerous tasks, but somebody has to get those skyscrapers sparkling. 

The Importance Of Keeping Your Equipment Up To Date

Window cleaning equipment is continuously developing as demand increases, buildings becoming more complex and the desire for businesses to have pristine clean windows has sky rocketed due to the many factors that include curb appeal to customers and wellness for employees. The equipment used today is a far cry from the traditional, old school cloth and soapy water, everybody is after a clean that lasts and that’s exactly what Clifton provides with our constant development and investment in the very best tools and equipment in the industry.

In this post we will be explaining and going into more depth on the industry side of the coin that focuses on the importance of keeping your window cleaning equipment up to date. 

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Pure Water Window Cleaning: How It Works?

Something that has revolutionised the window cleaning industry is the availability and advancement of high quality equipment and resources, one of the most popular resources that has changed the way we wash windows, is pure water systems. 

You’re thinking water is water right?! Wrong – there is a reason why water from your humble home taps aren’t getting the job done with perfection. Ever wondered why when you’ve cleaned the windows there are those little white spots of residue left behind? You can thank pollution, exhaust fumes, pollen and dust for that.

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Spring Is Coming – 3 Reasons To Choose Clifton!

The big spring clean season is coming, and Spring is the perfect time to refresh and rejuvenate your business and commercial premises. After a long winter there is nothing better than dusting off the cobwebs, checking for weather worn exteriors and getting your windows and gutters professionally cleaned. 

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Five Of The Most Common Window Cleaning Mistakes

Window cleaning is something that we consider to be a skilled trade, so it’s not hard for us to understand why people make so many mistakes so often. There is technique to the craft and a reason why your professional window cleaners finish will be ten times better than a quick job by somebody else. In this post we will be exploring the five most common window cleaning mistakes. 

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