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The Benefits Of Having A Commercial Window Cleaner

Having a commercial window cleaner taking care of your business is more important to many aspects of your business than you may initially think. In this post we are looking at the many benefits that having a commercial window cleaner gives to your business. 


Having a clean office or workplace for your employees is important to enhance productivity and positive wellbeing. Cleanliness in the workplace has been proven to boost productivity, and creates a better working environment for employees. 


Commercial window cleaners have the correct equipment and training to carry out the job versus getting somebody in the office to undertake the task without any skill or training, which can be extremely dangerous. For the safety of yourself and those who work for you, let the professionals do the job!


Keeping your business clean can do wonders for your business, in the form of ‘curb appeal’. Potential customers are much more likely to be attracted to your business if you have a presentable and clean building as oppose to a dirty premises which can reflect badly on your business. If you don’t look after your business premises, do you look after your customers? 


Maintaining your property well is important and can be extremely costly if you don’t, especially if you are renting the premises. Commercial window cleaners are used to going up and down buildings, as well as scaling the parts you cannot reach or see from the inside or the curb outside. Commercial window cleaners will be able to notice and detect damage or wear that needs attention as as soon as possible by reporting their findings to you, ensuring that the issues can be repaired before they worsen. 

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Why it is important to clean your gutters regularly

Gutter cleaning is often overlooked as a necessary chore that needs addressing regularly, but it can have adverse effects on your building if you do not have your gutters unclogged. Clogged gutters can cause expensive issues and intense damage to your building. In this post we are sharing the effects of not cleaning your gutters and recognising how important it is to keep them in good condition. 


One of the places you would imagine that would not expect to be affected by gutters is the foundations of a building. Although surprising, it’s not hard to see why. Gutters channel water away from the house. Blocked gutters cause water to overflow and spill down the side of the building. Pooling on the ground and over time, will sink into the foundations of the buildings. Causing cracks, rotting and in some cases, structural instability. If you have a cellar or underground levels in your building, this would also be likely to cause flooding. 


An excess of rainwater that isn’t being channelled into the drains as a result of gutter clogging, will spill over the building and pool surrounding the building, which could be a garden or landscaped area of a building. In the short term, grass, slopes and other natural drainage will stop waterlogging. However, if you don’t address the situation quickly by getting the gutters fixed quickly, the ground surrounding the property could turn into a swamp, resulting in flower beds, trees and any other landscaping being destroyed. 


Similar to the foundations of your building, water spilling over the sides of the building can cause damage to the frames of your windows and doors, as well as any fencing surrounding the property. Although all of these external fittings may be designed for weather, they are not designed to be constantly soaked. As a result of this, any wooden exterior will rot and wear away fast if you do not fix your gutters. 

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Choosing A Commercial Window Cleaning Company

Choosing a professional window cleaner to take care of the windows for your business can be daunting as there are many window cleaning businesses out there promising the best job. There are several factors to look out for when contracting a commercial window cleaning company. 


The most attractive and reassuring attribute a commercial window cleaning company can possess is experience. There is no doubt that having an experienced team cleaning your windows is much more reassuring than amateurs, especially if they are cleaning at a height or at dangerous angles. It pays to have somebody who has experience cleaning all types of buildings and levels. 


Another attractive attribute to have as a commercial cleaning company is training and accreditations. Being recognised and signed off by professional trade bodies means that clients can trust the window cleaning company. Ongoing training is essential in this industry as there are advancing systems, tools and health and safety regulations that window cleaners must be educated and trained on. Look for or ask to see accreditations and training certificates for peace of mind when selecting your window cleaners.


It is important to employ a window cleaner who can actually get the job done and be flexible with their availability. A good attribute in a window cleaning company is the ability to be available when you need them and to be reasonable in instances that may include work at short notice. 


A commercial window cleaner that takes their health and safety seriously is important to look for when contracting a commercial window cleaning company. Be sure to assess and enquire about their health and safety procedures and how they carry out the work to be in line with health and safety regulations they are required to adhere to.

Overall, there are many attributes to consider when choosing your commercial window cleaner. It is good practice to gather quotes, research the companies websites for experience and accreditations and ask questions that you deem a requirement to answer in order to employ the best possible team. 


The Disadvantages Of Self Clean Windows

Self cleaning windows seem like a hassle free option for busy businesses and buildings, but are they all they are cracked up to be? It’s not hard to understand why business owners may find self cleaning windows appealing but there are many downfalls and things to be considered when purchasing self clean windows. There is no doubt that they are a revolutionary invention that offers a solution to those impossible to reach windows and keeps your windows in neat condition in between professional cleans. Today we are exploring the self cleaning window downsides and analysing whether they are really worth it…

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Commercial Cleaners Must Have Training & Qualifications

In any industry the more experience, knowledge and qualifications you have, the more likely you are going to secure business. Cleaning contracts and one off jobs are not hard to come by but in a competitive market where there are many window cleaners trying to generate ongoing business, there are basic requirements that make some companies  stand out from the crowd.

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