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Five Of The Most Common Window Cleaning Mistakes

Window cleaning is something that we consider to be a skilled trade, so it’s not hard for us to understand why people make so many mistakes so often. There is technique to the craft and a reason why your professional window cleaners finish will be ten times better than a quick job by somebody else. In this post we will be exploring the five most common window cleaning mistakes. 


Using the wrong equipment for the job is always going to end in poor quality finish and disaster in general. Many people swear by the newspaper and paper towels method, but we beg to differ. Newspaper is likely to leave print on your windows and the wood fibres from the paper itself will leave reminiscence behind. 


Another common mistake is thinking that the sun shining is optimum opportunity to clean windows as you can see more clearly, however this could do more damage than good. Thanks to the beaming sunshine your windows will dry much quicker which means almost certainly there will be streaks left behind, that become difficult to remove once dried. 


Avoid window cleaning failure by cleaning the larger areas in sections. If you wash all of the windows in one go, you will end up with soapy deposits before rinsing. Which means you will have to go back and clean it again which becomes a massive waste of time. It is better to wash, rinse and dry windows in small sections. 


Some of the most common mistakes aren’t realised when the cosmetics goes wrong, but when somebody injures themselves trying to unsafely clean windows. Health & safety should be the top priority for anybody considering cleaning windows themselves, and if you don’t have the right equipment for the job you should consider professional window cleaners who are specifically trained to prevent health & safety issues arising. 


Another common issue people face when window cleaning is not getting the cleaning solution right. Professional window cleaners will tell you that using chemical based window cleaners will make your windows look clean for a very short amount of time and will be the reason you are cleaning them more often than you would need to if you hired a professional window cleaner.

If you have fallen victim to these common mistakes, don’t worry, Clifton Cleaning Services offer a fantastic commercial window cleaning service, using only the highest quality equipment and employing only the most skilled window cleaners to do the job. 


The Benefits Of Water Fed Pole Systems

Traditional window cleaning usually entails a ladder, a squeegee and a cloth to get the job done, but over time our methods have developed for best practice and optimum results. The traditional way took a lot of effort and time that was wasted up and down the ladders constantly, and can cause a lot of physical strain, and then along came the water fed pole system. 

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Ladder Essentials For Professional Window Cleaners

Other than the squeegee, a professional window cleaners ladder is his most useful and necessary tool. It seems like it’s pretty easy to climb up a ladder and wash a window, however if you are a window cleaner by trade, you will know that when it comes to ladders it is certainly not one size fits all. In this post we will be looking at the different types of ladders professional window cleaners will need to get the job done efficiently and to the best of their ability.

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Winter Proofing Your Windows!

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3 Reasons To Take Care Of Your Cladding

More and more business have exterior cladding on their premises, and looking after it may be more important than you originally thought. Cladding is likely to be made from aluminium, steel, re-constituted stone, or plastic, and can provide a good quality and easily maintained finish to buildings. Unfortunately, none of the materials listed are weather resistant, which is why you will inevitably find that without regular maintenance and cleaning. Cladding can become stained, dirty and covered in moss, damp or algae. 

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The Benefits Of Having A Commercial Window Cleaner


Having a commercial window cleaner taking care of your business is more important to many aspects of your business than you may initially think. In this post we are looking at the many benefits that having a commercial window cleaner gives to your business. 

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